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I only have my ApplicantID
I have my NetID

Forgot your ApplicantID password?

If you forgot your ApplicantID password, you can reset your ApplicantID password.

Forgot your NetID password?

If you received and activated your NetID, but forgot your password you can reset NetID Password.

When do I get my Cornell NetID?

Beginning in early April, as soon as the university processes your enrollment deposit, you will receive an email (at your admissions email address) that your NetID was created and what to do next.

Once you activate your NetID, your ApplicantID will be disabled.

How do I get my email address?

Once you receive your NetID and activation code, follow the directions to activate your NetID. As part of the activation process you will set up your email address.

Other technical problem?

Send a description of your problem to and we can point you in the right direction.